Haguenau to the Landesgartenschau


In 2015, Landau, our twin city, will be hosting a major event, the « Landesgartenschau”, a horticultural show that is a reference in the entire Rhineland-Palatinate region.

As a twinned city, Haguenau has been invited to take an active part in this event, by installing, on a dedicated site, an artwork which will represent the identity of the city.

An architect is already working on it, with municipal departments, students from high-schools and local residents.

The artwork, called « The watchman », will be staging a key element of Haguenau’s natural and cultural heritage: the forest, and, more specifically, that part that represents its heart, mind and legacy: The Great Oak, le “Gros-Chêne”. The oak also becomes a caring watchman through a changing world.

Coming soon !

Maquette de l'installation