The metamorphosis goes on!


“Metamorphosis” – the guiding thread of Haguenau 2015.

A transformation which can be seen from different perspectives, which can be felt in many ways!

Let’s open our eyes wide and invent together the future of Haguenau!


From the Middle-age to the early 21st Century, the morphology of Haguenau kept changing.

Let’s flip through the pages and get carried away by this rich and storied history!

The City

Town planning, transport modes, sustainable development, major urban projects: the future of Haguenau is being built today, with all of you!


Art, shows, events, sports, leisure: in 2015, together, let’s celebrate the metamorphoses….in all its forms!


Business life is continuously changing: this birthday year is a great opportunity to recognize all those companies, smaller and larger, which shape Haguenau today!

Forest and environment

Let’s celebrate the nature, which is an essential part of Haguenau’s welfare.

Let’s understand how each of us can play a part in preserving it, and enjoy the very best it can provide!